Have friends with diabetes? Help em out:

The Best Diabetes Glucose Kit

Dollar Diabetes Club Daily Manager

1x DAY

Our once-a-day testing package gets you on track. You can add strips in your cart if you need a few more.

Dollar Diabetes Club The Regulator

2x DAY

Our 200 strip package is perfect for the twice a day tester, adjust the quantity in your cart if you need a little more.

Dollar Diabetes Club for Type 1


Our Type 1 package is cheaper than your current private insurance. Add more strips in your cart.

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Our checkout is fast, secure & discreet.
We accept Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard.

The most affordable diabetes glucose kit, delivered direct to your door with free shipping. All packages include a speaking meter, case and lancing device.
You only pay once every three months unlike other programs that charge you every month.

What People are saying about
Dollar Diabetes Club

“Since my insurance plan stopped covering my meter and strips last year I’ve been struggling to afford testing everyday. Thank you for helping me out. - Alice M.

“The meter and test strips arrived at my door in only a few days and living in the cold and having severe diabetes makes it hard for me to get out. You should change your slogan: Dollar Diabetes Club: No Boots Required!” - Maria M.

“The meter is great and as good as the high end meters I used to use. It's easy and simple to operate and I like the ‘talking voice’ before and after each operation. ” - Henry S.

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